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Message In Song

A custom musical presentation, based on Terry Jordan's CD "Hymns Granny Used'ta Hum"

Does your Church need a... 

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Folks are instantly endeared to Terry's God-given Piano talent, Baritone singing voice, and Christian demeanor.





It's easy to host Terry... all you need is a piano, a piano bench, and a microphone. 

(See "MORE DETAILS" below)

Terry bases the worship experience on his most popular CD recording "Hymns Granny Used'ta Hum" featuring 28 good ol' Gospel hymns played in good ol' Gospel style.

Folks are instantly endeared to his God-given Piano talent, to his soothing Baritone singing voice, and to his down-home Christian demeanor.

"Heaven-inspired, I just flipped through the pages of Granny's old red hymnal and played non-stop for 40 minutes straight till the recording equipment stopped," explains Jordan.  "Every song spoke to my heart, and I guess to Granny's heart too -- because the top corner of the pages were turned down to mark all her favorites!"

When you hear Terry play these nearly forgotten old songs, precious memories of the good ol' gospel hymns seem to instantly flood back as if it were yesterday.  WHERE HAVE ALL THE HYMNALS GONE?!

Your congregation will be spiritually re-energized with good ol' Gospel favorites -- hand clappin', toe-tappin', and singin' along, start to finish.

There'll be joy and laughter, waves of inspiration and floods of memories from this "old-time religion" ...a true Singspiration! 

Hearts are touched, decisions made, and messages heard through words of "lost" hymns like:

  • I'll Fly Away
  • In The Garden
  • What A Friend
  • When The Saints Go
  • Bringin In The Sheaves
  • There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings
  • When We All Get To Heaven
  • Victory In Jesus
  • ...and more forgotten favorites!

TO HEAR SOME OF THE CD "Hymns Granny Used'ta Hum", CLICK THIS:

TO ORDER THE CD "Hymns Granny Used'ta Hum", go to HERE.


 People STILL love to hear and sing-along with the OLD hymns!

Old and young alike enjoy Terry's inspirational, high-energy worship experience!


Does your Church Music Program need a "Tune-Up"?... or a good "shot-in-the-arm"?

Mr. Jordan's professional career, extensive experience, and Masters Teaching Degree is available to YOU!

Ask for an expert Consultation or On-Site Music Clinic for your Choir, Band, Praise Team, and/or for your Worship Leader(s)!!!

MORE DETAILS:  It's EASY to host "Message In Song" at your church...

  1. EASY -- Requires 1 piano (with bench) and 1 vocal microphone.
  2. AFFORDABLE -- by Love Offering ($200 guarantee) plus travel expenses.
  3. Appropriate for any denomination, size, season (references available from Baptist, Presbyterian, Christian, Independent, Episcopal, Catholic)
  4. FLEXIBLE -- the program accomodates church necessities (Call To Worship, Offering, Invitation, Announcements, Sermon, Communion, etc.)
  5. Available in lengths of 20-30-45-60 minutes as desired.
  6. 3 Versions (for repeat monthly/seasonal/revival bookings).
  7. "Music Charts" available upon request if your band and/or Praise Team and/or Choir wish to participate.
  8. Format includes a progressive sequence of Warm-up, SingAlong, and Homecoming sections.
  9. Moments of Personal Testimony and Life Stories
  10. or just invite him as your Solo Piano (with or without Vocal) "Special Music" for that morning and/or nite.